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Thread: Sore Nipples

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    I just got the return of my period. However just about two or maybe three days before I got it I started to get really sore nipples. They would come out flattened and white. About two days into my period the pain has now gone away. Does anyone have any ideas to help to make the pain so unbareable the next time around. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hmm.... Ouch, sore nipples can really be terribly painful! I'm sorry you've been dealing with this problem.

    In another thread here, we've been discussing sore nipples around the time of ovulation (http://www.lalecheleague.org/vbullet...ad.php?t=1649). But your case sounds different -- you say the pain started a few days before, and went away a couple days after your period started. So that's not happening with ovulation, which is more of a two-weeks-before-the-period event.

    The nipples looking flattened and white after feeding suggests a latch problem to me. Did you see any change in your baby's behavior at the breast? How is he doing overall?

    I've heard that some babies don't like the way the milk tastes at a given point during the menstrual cycle.

    I don't know an instant cure for this problem, but hopefully other moms will post their experiences and give you some ideas. Let us know any other information that might be a part of the picture. Hopefully this won't happen again with your next period -- I'll keep my fingers crossed!


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