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Thread: Need help with preparation for 2nd baby

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    Default Re: Need help with preparation for 2nd baby

    Krista - I would say that you need to be sure to get this baby to you asap after your c-section. I'm guessing your husband will be there with you in the surgery? Have him stay with the baby and keep insisting that the baby be brought to you asap for nursing. I was able to get my baby to me within 10 mins of being in recovery by having a persistant husband.

    Also, be sure that you focus on this baby and how this baby is nursing as opposed to "reliving" past issues and troubles that you had with your first baby, kwim? It's really easy to be worried b/c you had problems before. So, try to focus on the positive... as easy as that is to say but harder to live out.

    Also, I think getting to a meeting like you are planning on doing is a good idea. That way, you can be sure to have your leader's phone number with you at the hospital, so that if there are some issues, you can have your leader come to the hospital asap to work with you. You might even want to have her come there regardless, just to help settle your nerves on the whole thing....

    Good luck to you!


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    Default Re: Need help with preparation for 2nd baby

    Thanks Jacqui--My husband will be in the delivery room with me, and fortunately, the hospital I am delivering at only takes children who are sick to the nursery. DS never went to the nursery until the night before we left to get his first shots and check his billi rubin (sp???) The belief at the hospital I will be at is that the baby needs to be with mom, and I couldn't agree more. They will take the baby to the nursery if you want them to, but I never did that. Some of my co-workers and friends tell me I'm crazy for that, but I don't feel like it's anyone else's job to take care of my baby. I love being a mommy and don't want to miss a single second!

    Thanks for your help--I am going to go to the LLL meeting in my town in April, May and June. The July meeting will be when the baby is 6 days old, so I'll probably miss it since I won't be able to drive and DS goes to bed early, so DH won't be able to take me.

    I am definnitely going to get the name and # of the leader and am hoping that she will be willing to come to the hospital to help me and set my mind at ease a bit. When DS was born, the hospital's LC didn't come see me until he was 2 days old, and I had already allowed him to get into some bad habits.

    Thanks again!
    DH Barney
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