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Thread: Help! 9 month old still refusing the breast

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    Default Help! 9 month old still refusing the breast

    What does a Mom do when a 9 month month old baby doesn't want to nurse even in the middle of the night and won't take formula. He will take expressed milk by a sippy cup but my supply is dwindling because he won't nurse. He hasn't really wanted to nurse since he was 7 months old--gradually reducing frequency of nursings. It could be from teething. Nothing has changed with me or my diet. He hates oragel and I hate having him on Motrin and Tylenol 24/7. I am so sick of pumping and I don't get enough. He hasn't shown any signs of dehydration and my doctor isn't worried because he is still gaining or staying on his growth curve. I'm not happy with my doctor and I plan to change. I believe he would like cow's milk because he likes yogurt and cheese. He doesn't eat a lot. I've tried cutting out food altogether and it doesn't change anything besides making him fussy. He doesn't drink much from a sippy cup at one sitting--maybe an ounce. Is there anything I can do besides what I'm doing?

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    Default Re: Help! 9 month old still refusing the breast

    I am so sorry you are going through this! Your son may not be ready for cows milk yet though!

    This is what I have heard others do:

    Refuse to give the cup of EBM, only offer the breast. Make sure that you are in a comfy setting, like lying in bed, your shirt off, he only in a diaper. Giving tylenol or motrin if he is in pain is not a bad thing, I understand you don't want to medicate, but you don't want him in pain either. Then see what happens. Play a little bit, cuddle, gently offer, or don't offer at all, let him go for it.

    I wish you the best of luck. I am sure you will figure something out!


    p.s. Your doctor isn't totally wrong. If your son is thriving, he is obviously getting something!

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