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Thread: Weaning engorgement!

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    Red face Weaning engorgement!

    Help!! I decided yesterday I was done bf my 13 mo. old son. I have had over 15 bouts of mastitis throughout the past year and I just decided that it was time to wean. He was only nursing 3 times per day so I didn't think it would be too bad. It's now been 36 hrs since his last feeding and I am still completely engorged and leaking. I am avoiding a hot shower and restrictive tops as I KNOW I will get mastitis again if I don't. Can someone tell me if there is anything I can do to tell my body to STOP MAKING MILK! And if not how long this engorgement should last?

    Thank you!!!


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    Wow, 15 bouts of mastitis--what a pain!! Since you are so prone to infection, I'd strongly suggest getting some of that milk out of your breasts. The engorgement is a sign that you need to go more gradually. Going straight from 3 nursings a day to none at all is actually a pretty big jump. Even while avoiding restrictive clothing, the engorgement itself could contribute to mastitis. I'd suggest either pumping or hand expressing some milk (if you don't want to nurse) whenever you start to feel overly full. Only express enough milk to feel comfortable, never emptying the breast. This will tell your body to gradually make less and less milk. It may take quite a while until you stop lactating completely, but decreasing gradually is much less likely to lead to infection. It takes different women different amounts of time to adjust to changes in milk demand.

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