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Thread: low milk?

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    my daughter (who will be a month old morrow) is feeding about every 2hrs sometimes ever hour depending on how much she eats for the first feeding or if she falls asleep. im not sure if its a growth spurt or not. well when it gets time for her to feed again i dont think im producing enough milk. she will latch on but i dont hear any swallowing. is there a possibility that when babys suck they purposly dont get any milk? hmmm well also is there any thing i can do to increase my milk supply? i dont know if it (low milk supply) has anything to do with weekends. during the weekend im busy. i do however pump ever few hours i get every 2hrs sometimes its more like ever 3-4 since im busy. could this result in low milk supply? or sometimes at nite if i put her to bed at 1am she doesnt wake up until 4 or 5 am but other nites its ever 2 hrs. well thanks for listening to me babble on and for the help.

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    welcome to the board
    count diapars as long as she is having 5-6 realy wet diapers in 24 hours
    and gaining average of 6 oz per week she should be fine.
    Its ok for older babies to sleep longer at night, you can add an extra feed in the eve like when you are sitting and watching tv. That might help ease your mind that she is getting the milk she needs.
    do you have a local lll leader you can call?
    They are just wonderfull and you can connect with other nursing moms in your area.
    its normal to for them to cluster feed too, and not to have a set schudle.
    babies are neat little people!

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