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Thread: exclusively pumping and need advice

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    Default exclusively pumping and need advice

    I am EP and need help w/ some storage tips... I have a medla pump and currently storing them in the plastic medela bottles and advent baby bottles...but is there an easier way to store the BM that I want to use that day, so I don't have to keep washing and transfering BM from one bottle to the next? I am currently storing the BM that I want to freeze in the Gerber bags and Medela bags. Also, w/ the pumping equip, since I have a yeast infection, I am advised to boil my pump eqip and bottles...is there a difference b/t my Advent sterilizer vs boiling? and why is that when you boil the pump parts/plastic bottles there is a white film on the surface? is this normal? should I rinse it off? Please help/advice...thanks

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    I pump directly into 9oz Avent bottles. I store all my pumping parts in the fridge between pumpings so I don't have to wash it. When the bottles are full I replace them and fix DS bottles out of the full ones. My friend stored her milk in a rubbermaid bottle and poured the milk out of there.

    I boiled my parts when I had thrush. IMHO it does a better job. I don't know about the white film, I never had that.

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