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Thread: Does it hurt more to nurse with inverted nipples?

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    Default Does it hurt more to nurse with inverted nipples?

    I have one inverted nipple and was playing around with the breast pump last night. My thinking was since I was a bfing virgin it would give me some sort of idea of what to expect (the things we do for entertainment when we're past our due dates? )

    It was way more painful on the breast with the inverted nipple. Is that common and does it go away? I mean it wasn't unbearable but man there was definately a difference. I'm afraid that it will make me not want to nurse on that side since I'm assuming it'll get more painful until me and the baby learn what we're doing.

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    Default Re: Does it hurt more to nurse with inverted nipples?

    I think I read someplace that if you had inverted nipples you should watch that it stays dry between feedings. IT can get damp and then you'll get a good crack.
    IT might be a good idea to line up good help either a LLL leader or good iblc to help you when the baby comes so you get a good latch the 1st few tries.
    you don't want the baby to get used to being sloppy with their latch.
    There are some good links here at the web site....


    theres some good info here too:


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