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Thread: What to store in?

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    Default What to store in?

    Hi all, I am trying to build a freezer stash. I have the first years plastic container that looks like the thing you make popcicles in. I use this to initially freeze the milk in the bags. I have filled the two containers that I have. My question is what does everyone use to to store the milk in in the freezer? Do you just put the frozen bags on the shelf or do you put them in something else. I think that I had read somewhere that putting the frozen bags of milk in another container prevents feezer burn. does anyone have any suggestions.


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    Hi there. I use the big thick freezer bags(make sure they are the quality ones). I put ten milk bags per freezer bag. Hope that helps.

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    I second the PP. You can double-bag with the milk storage bags inside of a ziploc freezer bag.

    I used the Playtex storage system with the Drop-Ins, and the bags did OK in the freezer, too.


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    I put my milk bags in large ziplock bags. I set the large ziplock bags in a tupperware container (standing upright) so there is not a top on it. I currently have 4 large ziplock bags each with 15 milk bags each. As I fill up an full large ziplock bag I donate he oldest set of milk in to a milk donors program for premie babies.

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    I pour pumped milk into lanisoh bag (1-2oz as that is all I'm getting while BF). Put those bags in ziplock bag.

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