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Thread: lump under baby's breast

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    Default lump under baby's breast

    My son is 7 weeks old. The last time we visited the doctor which was about 2 wks ago, she mentioned that because of hormones my son's breasts were a little on the big side, but said this was normal and would flatten out in time. Today I notice that that when I touch his right nipple, I feel something lumpy underneath, say the size of 2 quarters. Does anyone know what this could be? Should I be worried?

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    Babies have little "breast buds" that you can feel if you move your fingers over their nipples. Likely nothing to worry about, but since it's so much on one side, I'd ask the doc about it the next time you go in. Just to be on the safe side

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    My baby had large breast lumps under her nipples for the first few months of her life from my hormones still in her body, the pediatrician said that she has seen them stay up to a couple years!

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