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Thread: rash?

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    Default rash?

    Anyone have an experieance with a rash like this?
    James started eating little bits of solids-refusing lots, but some got in. Now he will eat almost a full jar of pears.
    Anyway abou the time we started with the rice cereal and then peaches he got this rash on his back, it's rised a bit, scaley patches, some are flesh colored, some patches are red and bumpy/scaley. He is cranky as heck when it flares really red, so I think it might itch???
    On his belly the bumps raise and look like little bug bites-only they aren't bc they do fade in a day, come back and fade, he also has other small bumps on his belly.
    After the peaches I quite solids for 2 days and it almost went away. I tried pears, and it came back. I'm not sure if it is really about the solids or not. It has been here for 1 1/2 or 2 weeks. Is it excema? just dry skin? food allergy? or just a baby thang that the other two skipped? I've tried cutting back on bathes, and putting lotion on 2 too 4 times a day to no avail...
    Abby almost 5
    Joshua 2 1/2
    James 7 1/2 months

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    Smile Re: rash?

    Hi Lisaha,

    Did you give the cereal with the pears, as well? The following could apply to that, too.

    It is great that you are so attentive to James. I would have to say that, with the trials you have done of cutting out the solids, that it may be them. Is there any reason you could not just delay those particular foods? Or even solids in general? Unfortunately, once a child has shown a reaction to a food, each time you give it, the reaction can become worse. If he was originally refusing them, maybe that was his sign that he has an issue with that food...babies are amazing! Don't take it as a sign of future problems, either. It may be after another month, there will be NO problems, his gut will be more mature day by day.

    You might try some squash, see if you get a reaction, as this is one food that tends to be not as prone for allergies (although, so is pear).

    Remember, though that 6 months is an estimation for when babies MAY be ready for solids. It is possible that this is a sign that your baby needs to wait. In that case, obviously, your wonderful milk is enough to sustain him and he will flourish on that!

    (BTW, cereal IS the least nutritious food. You might try some other more nutrient packed food like avocado or other vegetables following the one week rule-especially now that your some may be showing some signs of allergies)

    Good Luck...let us know how it goes!

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    Default Re: rash?

    So far I tried rice cereal alone-he refused it (screamed until I nursed him, spit it out, blew it out, ex...) Then Peaches, which he took almost one jar of one day, then refused it the next, then ate 1/2 jar and refused the rest on the third day (no rice with the peaches.) Then I cut out all solids for 2 days bc of the rash that started around the time of the cereal (can't remember exactly the date I noticed the rash.) It got better then I tried pears that he ate once a day for 3 days. No rice, but the rash was back with the pears too, worse after the third day of pears. Today I tried green beans alone but he refused then after the first few bites and is currently happily nursing away (calming himself from the stress of tring solids! )
    I think I'll try cutting out solids for 2 days again and see if it clears again...
    My almost 3 year old has lots of intolerances, (possible allergies too) they are getting better with age, but he never had this rash, just a facial rash and diarreah. We are careful with food bc of him.
    I know our dr is very pro BFing, he has told us that James doesn't need any solids until at least 1, so I know he is ok with it if we hold off for a few more months to see if he tolerates it better then...

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    Default Re: rash?

    The rash could certainly be due to allergies. Here's some info:
    http://www.kellymom.com/nutrition/so...s.html#allergy (not LLL resource)

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