prayers go out to you and your twins and all I can say is just keep trying. I have started manipulating the nipple with my fingers to see if it helps. It has been a week since your first post and I would really like to hear an update from you.

I am a mother of a 33 weeker who was born on October 25, 2006...she is almost 4 months. About 2 weeks ago I ended up with a cold and started seeing a decrease in my milk supply. I have been faithfully pumping since the day she was born and had built my supply up to anywhere from 5 oz per breast to 7 oz per breast per pump session and have now dropped to an ounce per breast except for once a day I will get 3 or 4 ounces per breast. She is a terrible nurser but we keep trying and I hope that introducing her more offten (tough love) to the breast before giving in to the bottle will help but so far not so good. My question is has anyone had this happen and were you able to rebuild your milk supply?