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Thread: Does Dairy cause constipation?

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    Default Does Dairy cause constipation?


    We have been having our baby on some solids for about 4 months now, and one of the things I like to give her is this "Trader Joe's Mediterranean Cheese Style Yogurt". It's really yummy (DD thinks so too), and chockful of fats and proteins. I love that - hopefully it would help my baby fill out a bit (you should see my posts on my thin baby). She's 8 months old and we are trying to get her on a variety of foods.

    Anyway, we have noticed that when we do solids, our baby tends to be constipated more often (does not go for several days, and then we go full steam ahead with the prunes, which makes her poo finally. The prunes work great for her, so that she does not have a painful BM). And we think that perhaps the constipation became worse with the yogurt (most other stuff she eats, veggies and fruits other than bananas and apples are supposed to help with BMs, and even the other fruits shouldn't immediately lead to constipation).

    Does anyone know that yogurt and/or dairy causes constipation?

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    Default Re: Does Dairy cause constipation?

    dairy bothers my dd.. chesse is realy bad....
    I give her over the counter fiber in what little cows milk that she drinks and that helps.
    Shes 3

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    Default Re: Does Dairy cause constipation?

    Dairy can totally cause constipation. Maybe try feeding the yog. with the prunes at the same time?

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