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Thread: Where to start??

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    My DD will be turning 6 months soon and I would like to start her on solids. She's been EBF since day one. The dr recommends that I give her rice cereal first but the my dd has a dairy intolerance and all the commercial products out there contain skim milk powder so I'm afraid to give any to her. As a working mom I don't have the time to make my own, so is there a brand that doesn't contain any cow's milk? Or can I start with a different food first?

    Any help is much appreciated. Thanx

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    heres the link about starting solids from lll....


    you can start with what ever you want and skip the cereal...
    heres a page about starting solids.


    some reasons why you should delay:

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    Hi. I had the same problem. Just before 5 months my baby showed some intolerance to the dairy i was eating (i love dairy so i was eating a lot- maybe too much). So when the dr said about rice cereal i had the same problem with all the products that had milk powder in. I luckily found - i was surprised cause greek market is not so wide- a german brand called "Holle" that has biological products. The rice cereal was the only made by biological rice and NO SUGAR and of course no milk. I mix it with my milk so the cream gets a little bit sweet and Lydia likes it. Now on the other hand you can start with veggetables or fruits, as it was menthioned above.

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