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Thread: Checking for bad milk

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    Default Checking for bad milk

    How do I check if the milk that I stored in the fridge has gone bad? I usually take a sniff before warming it. Normally there is no smell at all. Should I also taste it before giving it to my baby? I know it taste a bit sweet - I have drank it a few times (the baby's leftover, why waste ).

    I have never gone more than 12 hours ahead of my baby. Normally I am only one or 2 bottles (2 oz each) ahead which is normally less than 24 hours old. However, I am trying to express more frequently now as I noticed an increase in my supply.

    Thanks for your advice!


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    Default Re: Checking for bad milk

    Milk stays good in the fridge for up to 8days. To err on the side of caution I don't keep it longer than a week and always P-touch the bottles with the date and time I put in the fridge.

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    My mommy's group moderator taught me this trick to check for bad milk. Shake a couple of drops of the questionable milk on the back of your hand. It can be cold from the fridge or warm. Take your index finger from the opposite hand and rub the milk drops into the back of your hand. Take a sniff and if it smells sour, it's bad milk.


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