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Thread: Super Stinky Gas--Phew!

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    Default Super Stinky Gas--Phew!

    Recently, my 7 week old LO went from pooping almost every diaper to not pooping for almost 2 and a half days. (I posted about it, see "Help, What's going on?") He finally pooped and since yesterday, he has gone 2 more times.

    But the thing is, since this started, he has had the NASTIEST gas! It's horribly stinky and strong and his little tummy is constantly rumbling. (more than usual, he's always been a bit rumblly) He is passing gas every 10 mins or so, maybe even more than that. He's alway been a bit gassy, but it's never had a smell before this. I'm baffled!

    I thought maybe it was over with this afternoon, but nope! We had gone out, and when we got home, I pulled the cover off his carseat and was horrified to discover he still stinks to high heaven! And the poor little thing had been baking in his own little dutch oven for the past hour! LOL

    If it's from something I ate, how long till it should get out of his system? It's been several days now. Is there something I can eat that can help 'neutralize it'?

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    mine had stinky gas and i was puzzled too - his diapers didnt stink but why did the gas? I posted and people said theirs were the same, it just happens. I wouldnt worry about it, and it's not from anything you're eating.
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    Yep I agree

    It's just something that happens every once in a while. I had the same issue and I was worried because her tummy was just going and going. And sometimes she wouldn't poop for 3-4 days and then all of a sudden we were in poop city! Very stinky gas! Since she didn't seem like she was in any pain just happy as can be I stopped worrying and thought it to be normal. Then after a while we were back to normal. Do you give any formula at all? If your baby seems bothered try giving infant mylicon after feedings (up to 12 times daily) If your baby still seems bothered check with your doctor to try ruling out a intestinal infection. This is actually more common in formula fed babies though.

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