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Thread: I just love my daughter's Pedi....

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    Default I just love my daughter's Pedi....

    I don't know if this is the right place, but here it goes.....

    We had to go in this week to check to see if she had a UTI (she was peeing a lot more than normal - like 16-22 times in a day), which she didn't, nothing wrong there....

    Anyway, we got on the discussion about milks (due to her allergies to everything listed in my siggy) and the pedi agreeded with me that cows milk is YUCK!!! She said that we are the only species that drinks milk past the age of 2, and also the only species that drinks milk from another species. I was shocked and happy that she happened to agree with me on this issue. She says she encourages all her nursing mama's to keep going until at least 2 years old and her non-nursing mama's, well to make sure and tell them that they need to get the no hormone added milk for their LO's (which is what I buy for my DH - he won't give up milk). She said she drinks Rice Milk and was intregued about the Almond Milk that my DD & I both drink.

    I was so happy to have this conversation with her. She said most doctors that she knows are so pushed by the Dairy Association to push milk onto their paitents that she cannot really speak up too much about the issue and was happy herself to voice her opinion about it.

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    Default Re: I just love my daughter's Pedi....

    Thats great, you're so lucky!!! I wish my ped was so supportive and informed.

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    Default Re: I just love my daughter's Pedi....

    She is the greatest pedi ever (we use the same lady) she totally doesn't bully about vaxing is SOOOOOO BFing supportive (and she loves our cloth diapers too).
    Amanda Mom to James (2/25/04) and nursling Alice (8/24/05)

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