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Thread: Help! Awful stomach flu, 15 month old

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    Default Help! Awful stomach flu, 15 month old

    Hello there... I had no idea where to post this... but this forum has been so supportive and there are always moms out there online to help at all hours, so I thought I'd try asking...

    My 15 month old son has an awful stomach flu... started Weds night, got a little better, but then today it's been awful. Vomiting and diarrhea (the latter due to the fact that he's on amoxicillin for yet another ear infection) tonight has been pretty constant. Everytime I try to get him to take water, he chokes and vomits. Forget pedialyte, he wants nothing to do with it. So I've started with an eyedropper of water every 15 minutes or so... he seems to be tolerating that (primarily because he's asleep for the night). I'll keep on doing this... but my question is... do I need to do this all night? I do want him to get his uninterrupted sleep, he's exhausted!

    Any advice helpful. THANKS so much...

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    Default Re: Help! Awful stomach flu, 15 month old

    Poor little thing!

    I hate to say it, but yeah, you'll probably have to do that all night. Little ones can dehydrate SO quickly. If it works, keep doing the dropper like you're doing. Of course, if you can't get him to tolerate any fluids, get medical help immediately. (But I'm sure you know that)

    Are you still nursing? If so, will he nurse? Since Breastmilk is considered a 'clear liquid' it would be better than water or pedialite. If you're not nursing anymore, then you'll have to stick with clear liquids.

    Here's an idea to try: popsicles. It worked for my son when he was sick. Also, don't be afraid to try just a tiny bit of gatorade, or powerade. When I told my son's pediatrician that he wouldn't take any pedialyte, he said, 'have you tasted that stuff?' LOL

    Also, just a thought...ear infections alone can cause vomiting, and the meds can cause diarrhea...has anyone else been sick like that? If it's his infection and meds causing it, you're in for a long ride.

    I hope he feels better soon, hope any of this helps. Good luck to you!


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    Default Re: Help! Awful stomach flu, 15 month old

    Sams Mom--

    Just wondered how your LO was doing....I hope he's on the mend!


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