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Thread: Clueless About Tofu

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    Default Clueless About Tofu

    Okay, I bought some tofu... medium firm... cuz I read that soybeans are high in iron and protein...

    So... um... what do I do with it? I've never prepared it in my life. Do I cook it for dd, or just cut it up and set it on her tray, or heat it, or mix it with things, or what?

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

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    Default Re: Clueless About Tofu

    Well, you must drain it first, then gently squeeze the water out between paper towels. You could most likely just cut it into tiny cubes and let her eat it. It goes bad fairly quickly though (a few days in the fridge after opening it) so I wouldn't let her eat it if it's been in the open air/room temp for a long time. I don't know much about giving it to babies, but I can give you some killer recipes for adults!

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    Default Re: Clueless About Tofu

    How about some of those tofu recipes? Any good ones for tempeh? With the tofu, I find that I'm usually marinating and baking it. The next time I make it, I'll give DS a little taste. You can just cut it up and put it on a tray for the little one. You can alse freeze tofu, but it's got quite a different texture once it has been thawed.

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