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Thread: How much milk do you get?

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    Default How much milk do you get?


    I am trying to build up my breast milk supply and am wondering how much milk everyone gets. My daughter is 4 weeks old and am exclusively breastfeeding. I pump in the morning and will get 3 oz from the right breast and if I'm lucky 1.5 oz from the left. Sometimes, I won't even get an ounce from the left. I pump for a good 10 minutes after the milk stops hoping for more but usually I'm not so lucky. Is it normal to get less from one side? Is there anything I can do to even it out and get more from the left?


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    First of all, Congratulations on your new daughter! And how wonderful that you are choosing to provide her with your milk.

    Many moms are concerned with the amount of milk that they are able to pump. It is important to remember that when you are nursing and pumping, you are essetially pumping the extra milk your body is making, so you are doing really well with what you age pumping. You will find if you pump consistently at the same time over a few days to a week, that you will get a little bit more, since you will be placing a demand on your body.

    It is perfectly normal for one breast to produce more than the other.

    If you want to pump a bit more to have an available stash, you may want to try pumping between 1-5am as this takes advantage of the prolactin surge our bodies have at that time and can increase overall supply.

    Take care!

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