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Thread: what is child-led solids?

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    Default what is child-led solids?

    Would somebody please tell me what you know about this? Collin is 4 months, and the Ped is telling me to start him on cereal next month or by 6 months at the latest. I want to make sure I make an informed decision. TIA

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    Default Re: what is child-led solids?

    Hey mama!

    There have been lots of thread on both subjects you bring up but recently there was this one - primarily has links to first solids issues and this one... also on first foods.

    Here's on with links to good sources on baby led

    Here's one a mama posted about receiving cristisism for doing baby led solids (just to let ya see what some folks say )

    Here is one where mama was concerned if she was doing it 'right'.

    Good luck! There's no rush to start solids and even less to give rice so you have time to research
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    Default Re: what is child-led solids?

    heres the links about starting solid foods from LLL

    this is one of my favorites..

    from that link
    "You don't need to worry too much about what foods you start on what schedule. In fact, you should stay flexible and watch how well your baby accepts new foods. A good schedule allows four to seven days between introductions of each new food. Some parents prefer to start with a bit of mashed banana. Some prefer warm cooked cereal. A few like to begin with mashed bits of sweet potato or avocado.

    The process of starting new foods ought to take three to six months. It ought to be one at a time, slow and steady. "

    from me:
    most breastfeed babies don't need to start any solid foods untill well after their 6 month birthday.. the older the baby 9-12 months can start with meats that have lots of iron.

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