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    Unhappy Poor sick baby

    Both my baby and I have a terrible cold. He is taking tylenol cold and I havent taken anything because Im not sure what will be passed on to him when I feed him. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I can take or anyway to alleviate the cold symptoms for my babys 1st cold?

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    Stay away from anything designed to dry up sinus congestion, as it may dry up your milk as well.

    Treat your congestion with low-tech home remedies, like steam. If you pour really hot water into a big bowl, lean your head down close to it, and cover both head and bowl with a heavy towel, you've got a very effective little steam bath that can hydrate your sinus passages and get the snot moving.

    Do you have a vaporizer? Used continuously in a small-ish room, it can make a big difference in your baby's comfort also.

    Sometimes the worst part of a bad cold is the sore throat, but we forget that we can treat our pain. I like to take ibuprofen when my throat is painful and inflamed.

    Push the liquids for yourself, and nurse nurse nurse for your baby's hydration and immune support. If baby is too congested to nurse well (it's really kind of pathetic when they can't breathe through their noses), then get out the saline and the bulb syringe and hose the nose. It's an ugly process and s/he will hate it, but it will help with the nursing and may also help to prevent a secondary infection (ears, for example) by unblocking areas where bacteria can blissfully ferment. My son got a nasty ear infection when I let the congestion from his first bad cold go untreated, so I learned this one the hard way.

    One "perk" of breastfeeding, IMO, is that you and baby are exposed to each other's germs and usually develop the same symptoms. I learned that if I had a sore throat, he probably had one too, for example. This took some of the guesswork out of the task of caring for a sick infant, and helped me feel more secure that I knew what was going on with him. So hang in there -- hope you are both feeling much better soon.


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    We just got over the same thing.

    I go the "Cold-Ease" gum drops from the store. They are homeopathic and have a ton fo zinc. My symptoms eased right away. I htink I chewed like 6 a day.Also Zicam is a good one to use.

    For baby, well we even had to nurse with her sitting up straddling me so she could breathe! Poor thing! Iused a Vics vapor mist humidifier. They also have the plug in ones you can use for babies over 3 months old. I aso used VIcks Vapor Rub for babies. That helped too.

    Good luck!!

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