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Thread: Two Pumping Sessions or Three?

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    Default Two Pumping Sessions or Three?

    Just curious as to how many mothers out there are doing 2 double pumps a day versus 3 double pumps?

    I have an abundant supply so I started out with 3 double pumps which lead to oversupply (screaming, biting baby, green bm, etc.). When I backed off to single side pumping altnernating breast which mimics my son's nursing pattern, I run too close to getting a low supply and just cover the next day's bottles and the extra to buffer the waste from daycare.

    I can't seem to find the right balance. Should I try two double pumps a day? I work 7-4, so I could pump around 9:00 and then again around 1:00. My son is 6 months old.
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    Default Re: Two Pumping Sessions or Three?

    Your story sounds very similar to mine ....

    I usually do 2 sessions of double pumping, but if it seems like my supply is going crazy towards oversupply again I back off and do single pumping until it seems like I'm doing a better job of regulating my supply to match what LO needs. It's been a challenge when LO goes through a growth spurt and nurses alot and then goes back to a more "normal" nursing pattern.

    I work more or less 8:30 to 3:30 so pump at 10:30ish and 1:30ish.

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