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I used it after every feeding and shower.
Using it before the shower really helps too if your nipples are very sensitive and cracked

Don't listen to her. . . If you are determined, you can make it work.

My nipples got really sore and chapped at first with both my babies; Ian had some latch problems at first which is probably where it came from, but Colton had a perfect latch from the first minute and I still got sore, since I have sensitive skin. It goes away once latch problems are worked out and your skin toughens up, but many moms who quit because of soreness either don't know this or won't work on it -- I kept telling myself it would go away in about a week and stuck it out with a lot of Lansinoh and Earth Mama Nipple Butter combined with wool nursing pads (ahhh, soft!). Colton is now three months old, and nursing is going just fine! I developed a really bad crack when Ian was about 11 months old; I can't remember why. It bled and hurt something awful. I nearly cried at every feeding. But I kept going from sheer determination, as Ian wasn't ready to wean. It healed up and we nursed for almost another year after that!

So, see, a second positive story.

You'll do just fine. Get your support together now and stay determined!