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Thread: Swaddling

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    you can also buy material and sew the edges. if you make it a 40inch x 40 inch square, that should be sufficient...that is what we were told when we took a class that talked about the 5 S's (Happiest Baby on the Block). good luck!
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    We swaddled our little guy up until about 4 or maybe 5 months, and he loved it. There was a stage about 2 months when it seemed like he really hated it, you know, squirming out, kicking, arm flailing, and then crying... When I talked to my ped about it, she explained that that was due to his immature nervous system and he still had no willing control over his arm/leg movements and then when they went every which direction, he really felt out of control, hence the crying. She suggested he would certainly be much more comfortable cuddled up tight in a good swaddle, and when we brushed up our swaddling technique, he was a MUCH happier baby.

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    You could try also swaddling and then walking him down in the sling. I actually do this when I have Colton with me at work. I wrap him up in a SwaddleMe my mom gave me and then walk him down before putting him down in a bouncy seat or swing. He stays asleep a little longer then.

    Or forgo the swaddling and just use a sling. My first HATED being swaddled after about 4 days old, but he loved the sling. I would walk him down and then slip the sling off with him in it. It didn't always work during the witching hour, but it usually calmed him down some. . .

    Oh, the witching hour. . . It does pass. Hang in there!
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