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Thread: Baby's Allignment while Nursing

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    Question Baby's Allignment while Nursing

    I have read that baby's ear, shoulder and hip are all suposed to be in a line while I feed him, with tummy to tummy, but my 9 day old seems to want to have his chin over his lower shoulder and his tummy facing up at about a 45 degree angle instead. He doesn't take kindly to me trying to position him ear-shoulder-hip and tummies together; he will struggle to get back to his normal position or he will unlatch and fuss. Other than that, he is eating well -- sucks and swallows and has plenty of wet/dirty diapers. Could it be that the way my breasts are shaped (I'm well-endowed) that's just how he reaches my nipples the best? Could this position of his hurt his back or neck or cause other problems? I just want to know how concerned I should be about his head "being on sideways" while we breastfeed... Thanks!

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    Default Re: Baby's Allignment while Nursing

    Are you experiencing any pain while nursing? Is baby gaining weight well? Those are the main reasons for concern. If you are okay and baby seems to be doing okay then things are working for you Try this though...take a sip of water, turn your head to the side and then swallow. Now do it again normally. Which one feels better to you?

    You may want to try holding your breast while baby nurses to see if that helps. Or change his position altogether -- perhaps the football hold?


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    Default Re: Baby's Allignment while Nursing

    This may or maynot apply, but when I read this it instantly reminded me of my daughter.

    Her neck was actually out of alignment.
    I started to notice after a week or so that she really didn't turn her head to the left at all.
    Or if she tried it would move only a bit but then almost snap back to the other direction.
    It ended up that her neck was a bot out of alignment and she could turn her head almost a freaky amount to the right. (think like an owl)

    So we went to the chiropractor that I had gone to during pg. (he specializes in pediatric and pregnancy) and he did a gentle adjustment (she happened to be sleeping and never even woke up)
    Then suddenly she could turn her head both directions, could no longer "do the owl thing" and could turn her head to look out the window in the car.
    My son said "She can look out the window."
    But indeed she was much more comfortable nursing on both sides now rather than getting fussy. To be in a regular alignment must have been uncomfortable for her.

    So I can only guess that thismisalignment came from her birth.

    So I can only assume that it could happen to other babies as well.
    I instantly thought of this as I read your post.

    Maybe your baby favors turning the head in that direction more often than just nursing?

    Best of luck to you.

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    Default Re: Baby's Allignment while Nursing

    Nods. It could totally be a maladjustment issue. It's pretty common, actually.

    That being said, not every mother and baby is going to be able to accomplish the tummy to tummy ideal. Some mothers have breasts that point way down (myself included), thus tummy to tummy would mean baby wouldn't have access to the nipple. The same thing can happen if a mother has very large breasts. No matter what the breast shape, it's important to make sure baby has access to the nipple without having to "crane" his neck around.

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