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Thread: Please help me get back on track

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    Unhappy Please help me get back on track

    I have been breastfeeding my four month old exclusively since birth, and everything was going well....until just last Tuesday. I took her to the pediatrician for her well-baby exam and immunizations. She is down to the tenth percentile in weight, and started at the 50th. That really got me concerned. The dr. suggested I try pumping to make sure I still get a full four ounces, since that is how much she drank from a bottle when I gave it to her for a night out (two months ago).

    I tried pumping and was not happy to find I was able to get only two ounces. This really got me worried! I tried for a day and a half to get a hold of the lactation consultant through the dr's office. In the meantime, I was so worried I gave my baby a bottle of formula (but pumped directly after).

    I bought a medela pump in style and have been pumping for twenty minutes after each feeding (about eight to ten times a day). Finally, the lactation consultant called me back and recommended a hospital grade, so I rented one and am now using a Lactina.

    The real problem is my baby is starting to reject the breast. She nurses for a couple of minutes and then gets really fussy. I have been trying to spoon feed her the breast milk most of the time, but have given a bottle of pumped milk about once a day for the past three days. I am also taking Fenugreek (2 pills, three times a day). Also drinking Mother's Milk tea 3xs a day.

    I am a vegetarian and discovered I couldn't eat dairy because it upset my baby. I probably haven't been getting enough protein for a while. I started taking a protein supplement/shake three days ago, and am really making a serious effort to eat well and a lot.

    I am so disappointed I cannot tell you!! I have an older daughter whom I was only able to breastfeed for six weeks due to (what I thought) was a low supply and I started formula supplement and that was the end of that. She has asthma and had lots of ear infections. I am determined to breast feed my younger daughter for a year but I'm really worried I won't be able to because she's starting to reject the breast.

    Oh, also, for about a month now my daughter has really been preferring my right breast. I should have known something was up, but didn't really worry until it got to this point. Now I'm noticing my left breast makes less than half what my right breast makes. I'm pumping five min. longer now on my left....

    How long should it take to get my supply back up?
    Any advice? I'm desperate!!

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    Default Re: Please help me get back on track

    Before I offer any suggestions, would you mind giving us your baby's weight, height and head circumference measurements from her well-baby appointments? Let's first determine if your baby is gaining at a steady rate. If she is, there's probably no reason to supplement. I'm not sure on what recommendation the doctor is advising to pump 4 oz & then supplement. Breastfeeding isn't about quantity like bottle feeding is. Two babies, one breastfed & one formula fed must be treated differently. Also, pumping is not a good indication of supply. Just because you pump 2 oz does not mean your supply is low. In fact, 2 oz is about average for pumping.

    Babies will often begin to decend on the weight chart but that doesn't mean that they're losing weight. Weight loss is concerning but decreasing percentiles on the chart isn't as concerning.

    We also cannot look at time spent at the breast as an indication of low milk supply. Many babies get all they need in 5 minutes or less at the breast. However, many babies will develop a preference for the bottle because it provides instant gratification -- something the breast does not.

    So with that, I'll wait for your response

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    Default Re: Please help me get back on track

    Thank you so much for responding!

    At her one month check up:
    Head - 15"
    Height - 22 1/2 "
    Weight - 8lbs. 14.6 oz (25 - 50%)

    Two months:
    Head - 15 5/8"
    Height - 23 1/4"
    Weight - 9lbs. 13.6 oz (25%)

    Four months:
    Head - 16 3/8"
    Height - 25"
    Weight - 11.35 lbs (10%)

    I have read so much about breastfeeding the last couple of days....Well, I tried something new at her last feeding and got her to nurse by sitting in her darkened room, rocking her skin to skin and singing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" (with hand gestures) over and over again. That calmed her down and helped her!! This is giving me hope because she hadn't finished contently in several days (except for once at night).

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    Things have been better. She is breastfeeding every two hours now, but skipped her 1am last night and woke up at 4am for feeding. Well, my right breast was engorged, and I was actually somewhat happy to see that I was making milk again. But my left breast was about a third the size of my right.

    For some time she had been preferring the right breast and she would just fuss on the left...I starting letting her feed more on the right and now it seems to be making more than twice the milk. How can I fix this? I have been trying to let her nurse on the left as much as I can but she still prefers the right.

    My supply is still low, so I'm pumping for twenty minutes after each feeding. I have read that you should pump for about three min. after the milk stops. I'm pumping for twenty minutes, about 15 minutes after there is no milk. Should I continue this or just pump for three min. after there's no more milk?

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