My lo is 7 months old. I've started to give him solids about a month ago.

So far he's had bananas, avocado, clementines, pear, sweet potato, carrot yogurt and oatmeal.

I've introduced these foods without following a schedule sinve the milk was / is the most important part of his diet. At the beginning a routine got established and he was having a bottle every 4 h (more or less) and a bit of food for the three meals (just one or two things at a time).

Now his milk feeds are all over the place and he's not taking much solids anymore. He'll only eat banana, pear and avocado, and only if he holds the whole thing. Spoon feeding worked a few times but all he had was a couple of weaning spoons.

I want to introduce different foods but i'm put off by the fact that everything goes wasted.

Why is he not having the food?
Should I establish a "feeding schedule" at his age?
Should I reduce his milk intake?

Thank you for any suggestions.