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Thread: Constipation-please help!!

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    Default Constipation-please help!!

    My 11 month old DS is almost 25 lbs. Has always been big-and has a great appetite. Particularly for toast/pancakes, cheese and BM. For the last month or so has had constipation. I mean, he really cries when he goes-about every other day or 3. Quick run-down of his diet:

    -organic baby stonyfield yogurt-has 1-2 g. of fiber in it. we also add some baby oatmeal to it or if I'm at home: pureed fruit (apple/pear) and flax seed or wheat germ.
    -1 tsp of flax oil daily
    -any grains are whole wheat-including toast/pancakes. I do sneak pureed fruit into pancakes (favs are: prunes, peaches, banana, apples).
    limited in quantity esp. when he has more constipation
    -veg/fruits these are either pureed or steamed: loves prunes, pears, apples, cucumber, sweet potato, green beans, peas, carrots, bananas (not too often)
    -cheese-I limit this to 1 stick/slice (organic) per day. He'd eat about 5+ daily if I'd let him. LOL
    -trying him to eat beans (kidney); not too fond of them.
    -occassional chicken. Not a huge meat fan-strangely enough likes those 'meat sticks'. ick. Gets protein from organic baby soups (e.g. sweet potato bisque with chicken in it).

    -he drinks about 8oz max of BM while he's in daycare. Sometimes a little water or juice as well. He nurses first thing in the am, then usually 2 more times before bed. We try and encourage fluids-at home it's BM (in cup or 'straight up') but at daycare it's a little harder.

    BTW: he tends to eat solids better at daycare vs. at home. oh well. at home he'll glady pick at solids and increase his BM intake.

    Any ideas as to what to do??? It pains me to see him in so much discomfort and I really am concerned that he'll get to a point where he intentionally holds it in b/c of pain. Please help.......

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    Default Re: Constipation-please help!!

    Wow! Your LO has a varied diet!! Until you get things figured out, cut out anything with banana. Bananas bind kids up like no one's business! I love it that my kids like them, as it's an ace in the hole if they ever get diarrhea. I'd also increase the fluid intake, if possible. Breastmilk would be great, but so would water or prune juice, or pear juice. My kids never liked prune juice, but pear juice also works well.

    Have you ever tried feeding watermelon? It's also a great fruit that helps move things along.

    HTH! Good luck!


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    Default Re: Constipation-please help!!

    I second the bannana if my dd eats one she has trouble.
    maybe the cheese is just too much?
    My dd is older (4 in june )I give her a dose of over the counter fiber in her cows milk.
    That keeps her going.

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