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Thread: my second let-down taking +45 min. - help!

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    Default my second let-down taking +45 min. - help!

    I have a six month old and I am not new to pumping. I always pump two 5 oz bottles for my daughter to drink during the day at daycare. (I also nurse her at lunch.) She is not yet on solids.

    I worked my way up to getting about 12 oz per morning pumping session, which used to take about 20 minutes, and was pretty much two let downs. For the last few weeks it takes a full 40-45 minutes for that second let down. Sometimes close to an hour! What gives" I don't think it's healthy to pump that long nor do I have that kind of time to spare in the morning.

    Daughter was sick a couple weeks ago and not eating as much, but my supply seems OK in all other respects.

    Anybody have any ideas for me? I do get the initial letdown and it's about the same amount as ever. I could really use some advice!

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    Default Re: my second let-down taking +45 min. - help!

    Perhaps try the suggestions for assisting MER found on this page: www.lactationinstitute.org/MANUALEX.html

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