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Thread: Night Nursing at 13 months - what's normal?

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    When asked if he's sleeping through the night, I usually say, "No way!", but follow that up with the fact that he never really wakes up. I also tend to mention that I'm okay with it and then there's not much conversation. If they say he should be sleeping through the night, I tell them they are welcome to tell him that at 3:00 in the morning when he wants to nurse, but I'd rather just nurse and go back to sleep.

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    Default Re: Night Nursing at 13 months - what's normal?

    My 14-month-old seems like he's starting to sleep longer stretches -- we've had a couple of nights with 3-4 hour stretches, which is good for us. He even went 5 hours one time last week, the first stretch of the night. Usually he goes down aroudn 8pm, then wakes up sometimes between 11-12 pm, if I'm still up I nurse him back to sleep and put him in his crib. Then I'll take him into bed the next time he wakes. On a good night, that's between 3-4 am (but is often earlier). He'll usually want to nurse again around 6ish and then goes back to sleep until 7-7:30 or so. I think I may try patting him back to sleep, but right now this seems like an improvement. He had some molar pain that was getting him up for a while (and keeping him from eating solids), but that seems to have settled down and his appetite for solids has really improved as well in the last few days. I'm hoping this is a trend, although I've gotten hopeful before and then he's gone back to frequent nursing. It does seem to go in waves.

    I've been wondering the same thing, Erin, about the intervention issue. Sometimes (when I'm tired) I feel ready to try night weaning (again), but then I get hopeful that he'll do it on his own, eventually.
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