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Thread: Forever to Thaw!

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    Default Forever to Thaw!

    I store my EBM in the Medela plastic (or some other material, can't remember the exact name) freezer storage bottles. I took one out the other day to thaw, and even at room temperature it was still a cylinder of frozen milk inside after like 8 hours!

    How can you get milk to thaw in these bottles? Do you have to boil them or something?


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    I use the Medela freezer bottles too and the Lansinoh bags. It does take the bottles forever to thaw in the fridge or on the counter.

    My husband puts the bottles in a cup filled with hot water, and then changes the water every few minutes. If he's really desperate he lets the hot water run into the cup continually until the milk is thawed. Needless to say, he really has begun to prefer the bags which thaw so much faster.

    Our son is at daycare 20 hours a week, there they just use a crock pot filled with warmed water. The set the bottles in their until they are thawed.

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