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Thread: Help - My baby stopped latching on

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    Quote Originally Posted by news_mr View Post
    This has helped my daughter and me. I squeeze some milk on the nipple when she gets those tantrums and she usually latches on. Sometimes she comes off again after a little bit, but I just do it over. You could try breast compression, too. Maybe your bb is frustrated because the milk flow is too slow. Here's a link on compression with a video: http://www.thebirthden.com/Newman.html.

    If this doesn't help either, maybe burping your baby helps. Many times I've been wondering why she wouldn't take the nipple in her mouth just to find out she actually had to burp (even though she kept on rooting).

    Good luck!
    Yeah, I've been doing this and it has helped! He eats almost constantly in the evening so I can't really "move up" his feedings, as suggested. I think my supply is just a little slower in the evening, and that frustrates him. I know he was rooting the shaking his head thing was meant to imply an extra violent hyperactive rooting, but I don't think I was descriptive enough. I just feel so bad when he is clearly hungry and I can't help him get to the milk. Anyway, things are a lot better. He hasn't done this the last couple nights. Overall things are going really well. He has gained 2.5 pounds from his hospital dischage weight and he was one month on Monday, so he is eating, even when I feel horrible because it seems he is starving. I am very glad to know this forum is here! Thank you all for your help!

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    Have you tried any different positions yet? In the beginning I had to try the football hold on one breast and another hold for the left breast.

    It sounds like normal bb behavior. They do some frantic rooting that s for sure. I thought I might mention that bs have enormious growth spurts at 3, 6, 9 and 12 weeks. (Somewhere near those ages- not exact) So your baby really sounds like he's trying to demand more from the breast, and eating constantly is how they do it. Its called cluster feeding. hth. my baby was feeding every hour sometimes- and wanted to stay latched for really screwy amounts of time. hth.
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