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Thread: How DO you introduce cow's milk, anyway?

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    Default How DO you introduce cow's milk, anyway?

    Hello friends! DS is almost 11 months and he loves loves loves his solids. We're nursing in the morning and at bedtime, and he has EBM as a morning and afternoon snack. I can't believe it but in another month we'll be ready to try cow's milk. What are the options for introducing it? He's done really well on solids that contain dairy.
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    Default Re: How DO you introduce cow's milk, anyway?

    I gave whole milk to my kids straight. It took a while for my kids to acquire a taste for it, since it's not sweet like bm. I didn't doctor it up with chocolate or strawberry or anything. I felt like that missed the point, and didn't want to introduce unneeded sugar. I also didn't warm it.

    I have heard of people that have mixed it with EBM and have had success. We didn't do that because DS didn't ever drink EBM, so it wouldn't have worked.

    It took a couple of months before DS drank more than 3-4 ounces of cow's milk in a day. He started drinking a lot more of it once we weaned.


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    Default Re: How DO you introduce cow's milk, anyway?

    my kids only "eat" it with cold cereal.
    We don't drink it at our house.

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    Default Re: How DO you introduce cow's milk, anyway?

    I introduced it very slowly. We started off with just a couple ounces a day for maybe a week or so and then a couple ounces twice a day for a couple weeks and so on. It worked really well. I just gave it to my dd cold and not doctored up. We only drink clean, raw milk at our house so it's naturally sweet anyway and she took right to it.

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