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Thread: Thrush issues

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    Default Thrush issues

    My 5-week-old and I have thrush, so I'm looking for any advice to get rid of it. My pediatrician prescribed Nystatin for the baby's mouth and a cream called "itchy feet" for my nipples, but those don't seem to help much (at least after four days, I still haven't noticed any improvement - if anything, symptoms got worse). I apply the cream after each feeding and the drops for the baby every three hours, usually right after I feed her (I wipe her mouth with cotton swabs drenched in it). I'm also wiping my nipples with vinegar solution after each feeding and am boiling pacifiers and anything else that comes into contact with baby's mouth each day. Does anyone have any other tipps?
    I have frozen some breastmilk and have read that the yeast will stay alive in it so I should discard it, but the pediatric nurse said it's OK to use still. I've also read conflicting information on feeding while we're still being treated - some resources say we should use pumped milk in bottles only during the outbreak while others say continue to breastfeed. I'm afraid if I use bottles only now she'll get lazy and won't want the breast anymore afterward. She's been getting bottles at night for a while and we haven't had any problems with nipple confusion etc., but I'm afraid an all-bottle routine might change that... Anyone have any experience with this?
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    Here's just one link I have handy on frozen milk and thrush -

    Here's another about preventing thrush

    Here's one that has many recourses on thrush... including a great LLL page here

    Many swear by the use of probiotics. I have used Grapefruit Seed Extract with great success.

    Hopefully someone else can come along and assist you with the other issues.

    hope you feel better soon. oh and welcome
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    Default Re: Thrush issues

    My midwife prescribed Diflucan for me to take, which helped alot. Just make sure you get a prescription for 200 mg to take every day for two weeks. At first she just gave me the vaginal yeast infection amount which is only 100 mg once a week! It is safe to take while breastfeeding. Is the thrush just on your nipples or in your milk ducts? If you have extreme shooting/burning pain in your breasts during and especially after feedings then it's probably in your ducts and the diflucan is probably good. Some also recommend Gentian Violet (available at more pharmacies, you'll have to ask for it but don't need a prescription).

    You are not supposed to freeze breastmilk when you have thrush because freezing doesn't kill the yeast. You can express and feed your baby that milk while you both still have it.

    On this website, check out the section called Yeast/Thrush


    Remember to let you nipples air dry after feeding and don't wear disposible nursing pads unless you absolutely have to. I'm convinced wearing those things 24/7 is what gave me thrush in the first place...

    Good luck!

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    My ped gave my dd diflucan for 7 days and my ob/gyn gave me diflucan for 10 days (different doses of course!). After taking my dd to the pediatrician and getting the diagnosis confirmed, all I had to do was call my ob/gyn and they called in a perscription for me. I didn't even have to go in! We took it at the same time. It's incredibly important to treat both baby and mother concurrently. And with the diflucan, we both felt relief in about 48 hours. And...(knock on wood!) it hasnt come back. The ped gave me the choice b/t diflucan and nystatin. But since my dd is in daycare, we didn't want to have to trust the daycare workers to apply it correctly. The diflucan was once a day by a dropper.

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    Default Re: Thrush issues

    I kept bfing with my lo, no problem. I put the nystatin on my nipples before each feeding at my midwife's recommendation. I was pumping/bottlefeeding during the day while at work, though. I also put a cup of vinegar in all our laundry and washed everything in hot water for a while, didn't reuse towels, rinsed my nipples in vinegar water, boiled everyfrigginthing everyday, etc. It took a while, but eventually we both kicked it.

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