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Thread: EBM Not Freezing!

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    Unhappy EBM Not Freezing!


    I tried to freeze 10OZ of EBM this weekend, I put it in the freezer on Friday and on Sunday it still wasn't frozen!!! Everything else in the freezer is frozen. I have frozen loads of EBM before but suddenly it won't freeze! the same thing happened last weekend.

    It isn't spoilt and it is very cold (it has separated) but not frozen - strange don't you think? WHat could be causing that? Any Ideas?
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    is it 10oz in one bottle? if so, are your other frozem bottles 10oz, too? maybe it would help to freeze in smaller portions. also be sure that you are placing your bottle in the middle of the freezer shelf (not near the sides or in the freezer door). sorry i wasn't much help...i haven't experienced this before (i do pump and freeze, but my ebm always freezes). good luck!
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    I'd buy a thermometer at your local hardware store or target and double check what temp your freezer is. How's your ice cream - rock hard or easy to scoop? 0 degrees and rock hard ice cream is what you want. If your freezer is having problems then you'll want to clean out (vacuum) under it and by any coils etc. as a first fix attempt. Or maybe it's as simple as the pp suggested - make sure the milk is in the very middle of the freezer.

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