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Thread: how much Fenugreek

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    Miguel's Mom,

    You sound like me . . . .. that it takes 2 days just to get a bottle out of ya.

    You're not alone

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    Quote Originally Posted by miguel's mom
    I nurse every 3 hours for 5-10 min depending on my LO. He will take 4-6oz of supplement each feed. (without nursing was 6-8 oz). I also pump 5-10 min after we're done. Maybe I should try nursing more often.
    That is a good idea!
    Does your baby use a pacifier? If so, he may be getting most of his sucking needs satisfied that way. If he does use a pacifer, offer to nurse him at those times to give him more opportunities to stimulate your breasts. Babies need to nurse for comfort as well as food


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    Try offering breast every hour or so and cut back on the supplementing, the more he gets from a bottle the less he will want from you. Try letting him nurse for longer too. I know that it is hard when they are really distracted but have you tried a nursing necklace? I found that if dd had something to play with while she nursed she would stay put and just have busy hands.
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    My LO does use a paci only at bedtime and naps. I did try being his paci but he'll just cry and scream. Just like your LO Leecee(I read one of your posts, our babies are very much alike). My LO does not like to be cuddled too much. He's a bit too independent.
    I am starting to have a bit more milk though. He only took 2-4oz supplement for each feed in the past few days. I know this may sound crazy but the other night I had a beer and I felt fuller the next morning. Is it just coincidence. If not I may have to go buy non alcoholic beer..
    Thank again

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