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    I hope I'm not overstaying my welcome here by all my posts lately . . . . . I appreciate you all bearing with me.

    I still have my Nancy Drew hat on and am investigating all clues in hopes of figuring out whether or not I have a supply issue, or nursing strike on my hands . . ..

    I was just thinking though, that last time that DD nursed effectively (sat and actually *ate* from me, with no pulling away, no fussing, and was weighed by the LC to have consumed 2oz in the 15-minute session) I had just come from an abdominal ultrasound where I had been instructed to consume 32oz of water in an hour.

    Now I do usually drink my 6-8 glasses/day, plus more, and usually have a few cups of herbal tea/and or juice thrown in there too, but I don't usually "chug" that much water at once. That was the last time she got a good meal from me.

    As you can tell, I'm turning every leaf over here! I know it's kind of pathetic, but I just can't give up yet.

    Could it be that I am not drinking enough and that is why she won't nurse? The first LC I spoke to weeks ago told me to drink about 120oz a day . . . I did that for a week and I did notice a slight improvement in my nursing relationship, BUT I was in the bathroom all day and cannot possibly drink that much every day, or else I will never be able to leave the house (bathroom).

    I have read mixed things about water consumption, most things say that drinking too much water will actually have a reverse affect on supply. That it is not necessary to drink any more than what your body normally craves. But could it be, at all possible, that some bodies just need a whole heck of a lot more in order to produce an ample milk supply?

    Thanks for listening.


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    But could it be, at all possible, that some bodies just need a whole heck of a lot more in order to produce an ample milk supply?
    Well, I suppose most things are at the very least possible...however, I have never heard of this.

    It's usually suggested that mom's simply drink to thirst. A breastfeeding mother needn't take in any more water than a non-breastfeeding mother. And you are correct, too much water can actually work against you in the milk supply department.


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    I was told by a doctor to drink more water. And okay, I really wasn't drinking a normal amount, but anything over that I think is not needed. I researched everywhere and found that to be a fable. We all need water, but more water will not bring milk. It is just needed to supply the normal diet of a human. I found eating right (which I had to hire a cook to do it because I had no time as a single mom), and getting those eight glasses as well as resting properly is needed. And we really have a hard time doing this normally in life, nevermind with a newborn. I also found that my supply increased with a positive mind and when I am relaxed.
    When I pumped, stressed, looking at the lack of drops coming from my breasts - I would just go dry. If I pump with a magazine, kicking back losing the concept of time - my milk fills the bottles and overflows out of the pump without me even knowing.
    I think this is all a bit easier than we make it out to be.

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