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Thread: Earths Best....so annoyed

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    Default Earths Best....so annoyed

    i dont really give ds too much from a jar.....for the most part we have done baby led...but i do give him oatmeal from a spoon and i like to have something quick and portable on hand that isnt in danger of rotting....

    so i grabbed a jar of earths best apple peach barley.... first of all, its disappointing that they dont offer their combo foods seperately so you can rule out allergies....
    second of all, the ingredients included heavy cream and egg yolks !!!!!
    what the heck are they thinking??? im so sick of having to be such an educated consumer! why cant things just be what they say they are? at least when it comes to babies??!!?
    also interesting are the combos with strawberries....for babies...
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    Default Re: Earths Best....so annoyed

    as a first time mommy nearing the solid food stage.....it's nice to get a heads up to REALLY watch for stuff like that.,.....sheesh. like i have time to stand in the aisle and read labels

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    We love Earth's Best foods. They are much better than some of the other baby food companies out there imo. I just read the labels and pick out which ones are/were not good for my DD. I think the breakfast stuff is the only stuff that I have seen with heavy cream and egg yolks. When she was younger and I was more worried about her allergies, I just stuck to the "first foods" which aren't mixed with anything. DD won't eat Gerber baby food, so we drive an hour to get our Earth's Best. Sorry for butting in on your thread. I just had to say how much DD and I love it.
    I do agree that putting those things in there is not a very smart choice on their part, but at least they have a big variety to choose from(at least where I live). Hopefully you can find another brand that you like. It took me a while to find the one that I liked. Baby food is great for on the go when you have to.
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