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    Hi again! I am just starting my dd on solids..I am a little confused on how to coordinate it in with bfing..She is six months old and seems to be eager to want to try new things..I know pp say to start bfing then solids then finish off with bfing but I leak when I nurse so that would be a bit messy.Thanks for any suggestions!


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    Solids are going to be more than a "bit messy"! At this point solids are just for fun and exploration. That's the reason you are supposed to offer the breast before and after so the baby can concentrate on exploration while you as the mother are sure that nutritionally all needs are still being met. At 6months we were trying one thing once a week. When he finally started showing genuine interest(took about 3weeks for him to actually want to put food in his mouth rather than rub all over himself)we did one thing once a day. We added Cheerios the wonder snack at around 7&1/2 months and he let me know he was ready for more between 8&9months. Follow your baby's cues. But you are at the very beginning you want to try one thing for a few days at a time so as to make sure there is no reaction and if there is, you are able to pinpoint exactly what the problem is! HTH! Have fun!

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