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Thread: Should I restart breastfeeding? Baby 6 days old.

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    Default Should I restart breastfeeding? Baby 6 days old.

    Feel in a bit of a quandry and was wondering what everyone else would do. Before our Daughter Kaitlyn arrived I wanted to exclusively breastfeed if I could sa I failed with our first child because she would not latch on and had no interest in the breast whatsoever. Kaitlyn had 2 good breastfeeds in the hospital after she was born but for a number of different practicality reasons we decided to bottlefeed when we came home. The main reasons were me having to be on call 24 hrs a day (Not easy with a nearly 2 yr old as well.), wanting ste to be involved, being worried about Ash's reaction and potential jealousy and also not wanting to have the stress of switching to bottles when I go back to work in May as I'll have no way of breastfeeding at work (I'm a nursery nurse). I was happy with K having had 2 good feeds from me of the first milk.

    But..she's now 6 days old and I'm still leaking milk, especially when she cries.. and I'm wondering whether to switch back to breastfeeding as I feel a tad guilty for stressing so much about being able to breastfeed her in the first place.. and then deciding against it after I'd actually managed it?

    What would you do in my situation?

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    Default Re: Should I restart breastfeeding? Baby 6 days old.

    You could always give it a try mama. Even if you nurse her now until you go back to work...that would be 3 solid months of nursing...really awesome. Also, if you go back to work in may and can't pump...you could always nurse in the morning and at night, and give her bottles during the day.

    As far as right now, I'd get her to the breast as often as possible. There may be some resistance/preference for the bottle....but she is still so young that you can do it! I would enlist the help of a lactation consultant or a local LLL leader to help you with her latch to make sure that its correct since she's already had a bottle...you don't want to get sore nipples from a bad latch. Right now the most important thing is putting her to the breast OFTEN as you are now trying to build a good milk supply. Let us know what you decide!

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    Default Re: Should I restart breastfeeding? Baby 6 days old.

    If I were in your situation, yes, I would restart bfeeding.

    The reasons why you chose bottle feed are very valid. I had very similar concerns. When I weighted the options, it did not seem like bottle feed was all that practical, though.

    getting the husband invoved: he CAN help even if you breastfeed. he can bring the baby to you in the middle of the night and put her back on her crib when done, he can change diapers between feeding one breast, and the other (since she will fall sleep, changing diaper will wake her and she will then take both breast... tummy full, longer nap...), and more importantly, he can give a bottle (of expressed breast milk or formula) at the excutiating 2 am to give you a longer night rest.

    being on call 24 hrs: I wish I could give you some reasurance, but you will be on call for the first month weather you breastfeed or bottlefeed. After all, botthe feeding has the inconenience of bottle washing and sterilizing, and at the pace of 6 to 10 fees a day, you end up feeling that bottle washing its all you do. However, in a month or so baby will sleep 6 hours or more at night, and you will have more energy for you and your other child. Again, if someone can give a bottle to baby in the middle of the night while you rest, that can be of GREAT help to you.

    jealous toddler: I don't see how bottle vs. breastfeed can have an effect on this. toddler will probably experience jealousy at some point in either situation. Whatever method you were planing on handling it in the bottle feed situation, I would apply it to the breastfeeding situation too.

    Going back to work: If I may, I would worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. You have your plate quite full right now. If you give a bottle to your baby from time to time (either expressed BM or formula) she will acept it no problem by the time you go back to work. As you and baby get into the rythm of breastfeeding, which by the way takes good 6 weeks to be well established--please be patient and as for help--you will be able to determine what will be the best approach for when you go back to work. Even then, you can continue bfeeding in the evening or early in the morning, and bottle feed, for example, during the rest of the day. but you will only know what will work best in two month or so...

    Yes, you will manage to breastfeed, you are not alone, we all had big troubles getting started. Always always, ask for help.

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    Default Re: Should I restart breastfeeding? Baby 6 days old.

    Hi sarahlouiseg! First, congrats on the birth of your new daughter! Now, on to breastfeeding: I say go for it! Obviously, as a nurse, you know the health advantages nursing has for both you and your baby. The issues that led to the decision to bottlefeed are tough ones, but they're not insurmountable. If you want your DH to be involved in the feeding process, and he still can be, if you're willing to pump. (This could be great for you- it would mean that he could take over some of the night feedings. However, you might want to wait a few weeks before reintroducing the bottle- some babies get addicted to the faster flow from a bottle and decide to reject the breast.) Being on 24-7 call with a 2-year-old is no picnic, but there are some creative ways to deal with it that both set a good example and reduce jealousy. I remember when my brother was born my Mom would give me a dolly to nurse, and we would sit and nurse our babies together. (I didn't know where milk really came from, so I used to "feed" my dolly from my belly button. ) You could also try nursing on-the-go. A lot of Moms find they can nurse well in a sling.

    After a few days of not breastfeeding, you and your baby may face some challenges. Your daughter may already have grown to prefer the bottle. But with patience, your baby can learn to relatch. Also, it is possible that your milk supply might be somewhat diminished (since demand = supply, and your body hasn't been getting the demand), so if you switch back to exclusive breastfeeding, the baby may treat you to a few days of constant nursing while your milk supply rebuilds. But a lot of women face these challenges and overcome them.

    Finally, whatever you decide, don't feel guilty about it! Just enjoy this special time with your new baby!

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    Default Re: Should I restart breastfeeding? Baby 6 days old.

    Welcome! Just the fact that you posted on a pro-breastfeeding board leads me to believe that you truly WANT to breastfeed. Go for it! I have 3 children and fed them different ways (twins were bottle fed after the first week, singleton breastfed for 13-1/2 months). I can tell you from that experience that the breastfeeding was so rewarding. I always regretted giving up breastfeeding the twins when I did. I also had many issues that lead me to make the decision to stop, and I'm not sure I could have done it in retrospect. But I think if you have the desire, then give it a go. It's much easier to make the decision to stop later than it is to try to relactate after you've begun to dry up.

    Good luck to you!


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    Default Re: Should I restart breastfeeding? Baby 6 days old.

    I say go for it! get baby to breast as often as possible, It's not too late at all. I had the same thing happen as you. But I quit for 6 whole weeks and it took 2 months for me to get my supply back because I waited so long. you , it's not going to take long AT ALL i would "guess" no more then a week ! (just my opinion i am not a professional) esp because when your milk first comes in it tends to come with full force lol! i also had a 20 month old when my baby was born and to be honest, it's much easier now that the bottles are gone. less time cleaning and making bottles and more time playing with the both of them!

    congrats on your little one and goodluck whichever you choose!
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    Default Re: Should I restart breastfeeding? Baby 6 days old.

    I stopped nursing from day 6 to day 12 and went back to it. You really can! Go for it. Just make sure to nurse as often as you can, and that babe is having enough wets/dirties. Let us know how it goes.

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    Default Re: Should I restart breastfeeding? Baby 6 days old.

    My only response is do what's in your heart. If you choose not to BF, will you regret it? If you choose to BF? Even if you only BF until you go back to work, your LO will get tremendous benefits from it. I have never been in your situation though and can't begin to say I know how you feel or what you're going through. Only you can make that decision! Whatever it is, I believe you're making it out of love! Good luck mama! Let us know what you decide!

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    Default Re: Should I restart breastfeeding? Baby 6 days old.

    I agree with the pps and I say, go for it! I think it's worth a try.
    There is a relactation forum on this site and you may find some more info there too! Although, you are "relactating" so early on that it might be easier for you!
    Good luck!!


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    Default Re: Should I restart breastfeeding? Baby 6 days old.

    It would be great if you could do both. My baby couldn't latch on correctily until the 4th day. And I didn't give her the bottle anymore since was successful. 4 month later, when I have to go to work, she won't take the bottle. Now she has to wait until 3pm when I get home for her to have milk.
    I know that Breastfeeding is a lot of work and takes up a lot of your time, so I think I will try to do both (bottle and Breast) with my 2nd baby This will give you a lot more leway to your buisy life. Good Luck, Sophie

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