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Thread: Heating breastmilk

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    Hi all,
    Thank you so much for all those answers. I trult felt more informed now. Another question from me.

    1) How long can breastmilk last after it's being warmed up? Sometimes my baby cries for milk and when the milk is being warmed up, she falls asleep.

    It would be a waste to throw that milk away. I only manage to pump about 2oz every 6 hours.

    If I keep it warm, how long can it last? I know it cannot be refrigerated again.

    2) Same question but for formula milk. How long if kept warm?

    3) Will anything happen if the breastmilk is not warmed up properly? or too hot?

    Thanks again. Look forward to your answers.


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    Breastmilk does have more antibacterial properties to it than formula, so it likely will be OK longer.

    The rule of thumb for formula is that once you warm it, it's good for an hour. That's it.

    As for breastmilk, you don't want to heat it too much because you can destroy some of the nutrients. Put the bottle in warm tap water, and you shouldn't have any problems with it getting too hot.


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    Default Re: Heating breastmilk

    Ok, I could write forever ,instead I'll post this link :
    It has all your answers, just scroll down.
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    Breast milk is good for one more feeding after it's been warmed. So, you can either keep it room temp if you think baby will want some w/in the next 6 hours or put it back in the fridge and warm it up again. There's very little nutrition loss when it's rewarmed (just to overheat it).

    Here's a helpful link:

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