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Thread: storing milk in bottles

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    Default storing milk in bottles

    I was wondering if this is safe and for how long can you store pumped milk in bottles in your fridge?

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    Here's a link to guidelines for storing milk on kellymom.com HTH!

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    Lansinoh makes TERRIFIC milk storage bags that are double sealed. I got mine at Target. They average out to around 20 cents each but they are so totally worth it. Some of the other benefits are that you can squeeze the air out of them and freeze without frost biting the milk. Also they freeze flat like a pancake which makes them way easier to defrost under tap water ect. They also have a place where you can use a sharpie to write the date and amount. Back to freezing flat- you can store way more in the same amount of space all the clunky bottles take up! hth.

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