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Thread: bummed AGAIN!

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    Maggie, I'm glad you found a lactation consultant who had some suggestions for you. How is the SNS working out for you today? Did the LC also have ideas for improving your daughter's latch and healing your damaged nipples?

    You sound like you have a fantastic attitude -- ready to ride this out, flexible but committed to making it work as best you can. I hope you will stick around here and share your successes and challenges with the other new mommas! Keep us posted.

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    Well, the SNS is a pain...literally. It's hard to get her to latch well and get the little tube in her mouth and the tape hurts. But she seems to be responding well. She's sucking for longer periods at a time and my nipples are coming out of her mouth rounded and less creased than before. She usually would eat about 2 oz of formula after her designated feedings so we've put 2oz in the SNS. It takes her about 2 hours to get through it, but if I take her off before she finishes she still seems hungry.

    The lactation consultant said our latch was good on my right side and terrible on my left side (as evidenced by my damaged nipple). She said my lo's latch would likely improve with the use of the SNS and as she gets to be a more vigorous nurser.

    A few questions: for how long should I use the SNS. The LC suggested at least 24 hours, but how about after that? How do I tell when she's ready to come off it, if ever anytime soon?

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