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Thread: baby is sick....im engorged!?

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    Default baby is sick....im engorged!?

    maybe im being paranoid because of all the issues i read about here but never worried about.....or maybe its the oatmeal ive started eating for breakfast lately.....

    lo is so congested that its really hard for him to nurse...im assuming he isnt eating his usual amount because i keep getting rock hard and veiny looking boobs! im trying to keep tabs on how often he is peeing, but to be honest since its never been an issue, im not sure how much WAS normal before! the pa at my drs office said if he goes 12 hrs (which he hasnt) w/o being wet then he is dehydrated....does this sound right??

    if he doesnt nurse as much as usual, will my supply go down?

    when he is better will he nurse more to get it back up??

    could he be getting enough to eat but the oatmeal has increased my supply causing engorgement??

    should i be offering solids still? since he has gotten sick i havent even tried because 1. hes just not happy! 2. dr said dont worry about them....
    dh last night said, if he doesnt eat well tonight we are going to have to really push solids tomorrow.....im not sure thats the way to go??

    so what do you all think??
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    Default Re: baby is sick....im engorged!?

    When I was at the dr. with my 11 mo when he was sick, she said he needed to be having 3-4 wet diapers a day to insure he was getting enough. You can offer the solids, but I wouldn't push them. Yes, your supply will probably drop a bit if your lo isn't eating as much, but then it will pick back up again when he nurses more. (My guess would be that that is what is happening, but you could try cutting out the oatmeal while he is sick and see if it makes a difference.) My son is a year old and my supply is all over the place depending on how he feels, what we are doing, etc., but it all seems to balance out. You could try expressing some and giving it to him in a small cup, too. That would be much better than trying to push solids like dh mentioned. Maybe you could remind him that bm is much better nutritionally and it also has antibodies that will help him fight his illness.

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    Default Re: baby is sick....im engorged!?

    Agree with the cup, If your bb is sick then you are producing antibodies right now.

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    Default Re: baby is sick....im engorged!?

    The solids won't do if he is sick.. he is just not interested. Express your milk if you are engored. Go ahead and freeze it, he will probabli not take it in a bottle until he is fully recovered.
    Offer your breast and water very often. Whatever regular schedule you had before, forget about it. Is he is sick, the schedule wont do. Offer the breast, day or night, and water/juice (home made, maybe?)

    Also, if he gets diarrhea due to medication, stop the formula (I wish someone had told me that....)

    he wont be sick long though... hang in there...

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    Default Re: baby is sick....im engorged!?

    when my babies were dehydrated they had the right number of wet diapers but they weren't sopping wet, they had dark, concentrated urine and sometimes contained urate crystals(reddish brown smudges). my first dd was hospitalized for dehydration and i had no idea she was dehydrated because everything i ever read said as long as she had so many wet diapers all was fine.

    so i don't think counting the number of diapers or knowing they've gone at least once in 12 hours is enough to know they're not dehydrated.

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