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Thread: Funny (or not so funny) Pumping Mishap in my office!

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    Red face Funny (or not so funny) Pumping Mishap in my office!

    Ok, this is funny (now) and not so funny (an hour ago when it happened).

    I was sitting here in my office pumping and reading post on the forum. I started looking up an article to post as a reply for someone with a question when I realized my lap was getting wet. I had forgot I was pumping and the milk had filled the container and was coming out the top air holes of the bottle connected to my breast! I quickly reached to turn off the pump and grab some paper towels to stop the mess from spreading. I knocked one of the bottles off of the breast shield and dumped 4oz of my milk all over me! I was so upset - not because my dress clothes are soaked and I had to leave for a meeting in a few minutes but because I just lost 4oz of milk! In my panic to grab the bottle before every lats drop spills out I knock off the other. The second only had 1oz and the top pump part was screwed on properly so only a few drops spilled.

    The guy in the office across the hall from me heard me exclaim "Oh Shoot" (but it was not shoot I said) followed by the sound of things crashing to the floor in my office as I knocked over phone, pump, and stack of clean bottles and pump parts. Worried, he opened the door and ran in. Apparently, I had left my keys dangling in the keyhole when I closed my door and locked it to pump. He did not know I was pumping and I think he was more in shock than I was when he walked in!! He is young, no wife or kids and never worked on a farm (milking cows) so he has never seen such a sight! Another male co-worker (good friend of mine) who has kids went and assured him it was ok and he does not need to be embarrassed.

    Needless to say, I did not make it to the meeting and I am sitting in my office wearing scrubs now! Thank goodness it is Friday!
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    Default Re: Funny (or not so funny) Pumping Mishap in my office!

    to you... it is pretty funny though! Hope the rest of your day/weekend goes okay!!
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    Default Re: Funny (or not so funny) Pumping Mishap in my office!

    I did a similar thing the other day while pumping, although not quite as . I was reading while pumping and finally felt that my leg seemed to be getting all wet, I looked down and saw a puddle of milk on the floor and there was milk all over my scrubs. My bottle had fallen on the heating element in my dishwasher and now there was a hole that had melted through it. I was sooo mad about losing all that milk too, that's alot of hard work! I thought that bm might dry like water, uh no, I had a huge stain on my scrubs for the rest of the day.

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    Thanks for sharing that - I've gotten dangerously close to the overflow situation and am constantly being paranoid about double checking that my office door really is locked. Even when I try really hard to be neat I often end up with milk splatters on my leg or the floor. You have my utmost sympathy and I was laughing along with you. It's great that you have some supportive co-workers!
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    You poor girl! That STINKS to lose so much milk! I have to admit, I was chuckling at the vision of the guy coming in your office- though. LOL! Poor mama- milk is gold....

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    Default Re: Funny (or not so funny) Pumping Mishap in my office!

    Thought I would share my "funny" story. Since I only have a shared cubicle at work I have to find an empty room to pump in. I have a nice little sing that I hang on the door that says "Please do not disturb, thank you." Everyone knows what I am doing so I usually don't get bothered. I always ask the department secretary if the room is available so no one walks in on me. I told her I was using the small office and asked if it was ok. She said yes so I started pumping. I guess my male boss overheard me tell her I was using the small office. Since he needed to talk to me about a project I am working on he knocked on the door. I simply said "Can I help you?" His reply was "Yes, open the door!" When I told him I couldn't he asked "Why?" So I simply replied ... I'm pumping. 15mins later after I finished I went to his office to talk to him. He was still red and couldn't look me in the face. The first thing he said was why did you tell me that! I thought becase you asked. I wasn't embarressed at all but I guess he was!

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    Default Re: Funny (or not so funny) Pumping Mishap in my office!

    I've had the overflow thing happen to me while pumping at work and typing on the computer. What a funny story!
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    Default Re: Funny (or not so funny) Pumping Mishap in my office!

    Oh that's funny. I use an empty office that only 3 people have keys to. These three men have all had to unlock it for me, depending on who is at work that day.

    Except turns out the computer network guy also has a key. Oops. He walked in one day. He was pretty embarrassed.

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