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Thread: Advice from other mom's with inverted nipples?

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    Default Advice from other mom's with inverted nipples?

    I have one inverted nipple and have been told different things by different doctors. I'm 2 weeks out from my due date and want to get as much info as possible so I can exclusively breastfeed once my baby gets here. This is what I've been told so far:

    My old midwife said I needed to start pumping before giving birth to help pull it out. My current ob/gyn said to talk to the lactation consultant at the hospital but that I would probably have to feed on one side and pump off the inverted side. The lactation consultant recommended wearing a nipple shield an hour at a time a couple time a day to help the nipple "pop" out, which I have been doing and seems to be working. But I've read some of the post about using ns's to actually feed and want to try to avoid needing it to actually bf.

    I'm just getting confused with all this conflicting advice and was hoping you guys could help sort it all out and let me know what worked for you verses what is a waste of time?

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    Default Re: Advice from other mom's with inverted nipples?

    are you wearing a shield or shell? shells are these big hard plastic circle things with a hole for your nipple go go through. shields are small, soft plastic.

    i cant beof much help other than to say i have flat nipples and pumping has really helped to draw them out.

    just want to bump this up so someone else might be able to help more.

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    Default Re: Advice from other mom's with inverted nipples?

    At the hospital the nurse had me get these hard plastic things (sorry can't think of the name?) that you wear in your bra to help pull out the nipple. I used them for a few days only because it gets kinda messy when you start leaking. You can even wear before the birth to start the process. You can buy them at babysrus. Also, there is the nipple shield (soft plastic) for baby to latch on while nursing. They are 2 different things. I have used the NS for 4 months w/o any problems. DS is a chunky monkey-17 lbs@4months. I would try to get with a Lactation consultant or LLL to help you. There are many posts on nipple shields and some mothers have used them for a year or more on this site. At the beginning I think you should just make sure there is milk coming out-you can see it pool in the shield. LC can show you. Also by monitoring the wet and dirty diapers to make sure baby is getting enough. Good luck!!!

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    Default Re: Advice from other mom's with inverted nipples?


    have you read that link its good....
    It wouldn't hurt to call your local leader before the baby comes so you can get some real life help as soon as the baby is born.

    If your nipples are flat avoid bottles, babys have trouble going from bottle to breast. You should know about good postioning and good latch so that you can avoid cracked and bleeding nipples.

    My ob told me that I had flat nipples and that I would never nurse a baby.. this was after I nursed my 1st two babies with no problems. So sometimes doctors just don't know what they are talking about....

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    Default Re: Advice from other mom's with inverted nipples?

    Yes, the pumping helps too.

    Thats right they are called shells.

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    Default Re: Advice from other mom's with inverted nipples?

    I had one inverted nipple and one flat nipple. I did absolutely nothing at all ahead of time.

    Once my baby was born he latched on fairly well to the flat nipple. On the inverted side I used a 10cc disposable syringe to pull my nipple out before latching him on (a la Dr. Sears):

    Remove the plunger, and with a sharp knife cut off a half inch from the nozzle end. Insert the plunger into the cut end of the syringe. Place the uncut open end of the syringe over your nipple so it rests up against your areola. Gently pull on the plunger to draw out your nipple just before putting baby to the breast. (http://www.askdrsears.com/html/2/T021800.asp)
    After about a week both my nipples were fully everted. Even now, 18 months later, they're constantly out! I don't think the inverted one could go back to the way it was if I tried!

    Best of luck.

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    Default Re: Advice from other mom's with inverted nipples?

    I have semi flat, sometimes inverted nipples and have nursed successfully for 9.5 months. You can do it. It may take some determination, especially if your lo has trouble latching on or doesn't suck very strong. I had some pain intially(about 4 weeks) as the tendens stretched out. I am not saying that to scare you, but to prepare you. You may not at all, but be aware it is a possibility. Also for me, once I stopped prepping the nipple, alot of the pain went away. For others though, I have heard of them putting ice on the nipple to make it errect, so that will be up to you. Best wishes and come back with any questions.

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    Default Re: Advice from other mom's with inverted nipples?

    Hi there
    Many women with inverted/flat nipples are able to breastfeed! There have been lots of suggestions here, but please run anything by the lactation consultant before trying it. If the nipple shield is working to draw the nipple out, then that's great!

    Don't worry at this point about having to use the NS after birth. You're making preparations now to avoid that, but if you have to use it, it will be okay--we'd rather have you feeding at the breast with a nipple shield than feeding with a bottle! Baby can be weaned from a nipple shied in time.

    Kudos to you mama for making plans ahead of time! You and your baby will benefit.
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    Default Re: Advice from other mom's with inverted nipples?

    Different babies make a difference, too. I have flat nipples. For my second DD, it wasn't an issue at all. She latched on perfect right from birth. With this third baby, it's been a little more of a challenge. But, she's starting to get it. And, eventually, they start to become less flat just through the nursing process. I'll never have the kind of nipples you see in the latching on videos, but baby is finding them easier.

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    Default Re: Advice from other mom's with inverted nipples?

    I had one flat and one inverted nipple. I had trouble getting my ds to latch on. I needed the help of a IBCLC to get started. The baby quickly learned to start off each nursing session with a good tug to pull the nipple out. So after the first few weeks, it was a none-issue.


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