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    No poop in 4 days! I guess DS swallowed more than his little belly could handle! We offered sweet potato for 3 days in a row, but stopped since he's been irregular. I gave him a little water today hoping to get things rolling. When would you start offering prune juice? He doesn't seem miserable but he has been a regular once a morning type for 3 of his 6 months.


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    He's six months, right? I would cut back on the solids and offer more bm until it solves itself. You could also offer jarred prunes, if he will eat them. I do give Mia cut up prunes now but I don't think she could have chewed them at six months. As for the juice, I haven't done it, but maybe someone could answer that for you.

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    I agree with Mia'sMom about the pureed prunes. That's what we use for DD when she seems to be having a bit of trouble. We just buy a couple of jars of the stage 1 prunes- believe me, it's more than enough! We usually just give her 1/2 of the jar to start with and then if we still haven't had a good bowel movement by the next day, we offer the other 1/2 of the jar. Works wonders so far! Also, like a pp mentioned, maybe back off on the solids and just breastfeed until the BMs are straightened out. Good luck!

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