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Thread: Weaning off the bottle

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    Default Weaning off the bottle

    My premie was born at 34 weeks, he is now 4 weeks old. He was in the NICU for week and I had to limit bf so he could gain weight quicker. Last week I gat the go ahead from his docter to increase bf gradually, one more time a week. I should be up to 4 times a day this week. The problem is when he bf's he takes forever. Sometimes he'll be satisfied after 45 minutes and go to sleep, but most of the time he'll nurse for an 1 to and 1 1/2 and still act hungry. We're using a nipple shield because he can't latch yet without it. Also, sometimes he gets really frustrated and cries when I'm trying to bf. I'm afraid the bottle has made eating to easy and he doesn't want to work like he has to to bf. I really want to stop pumping and just bf. Any suggestions on how to wean off of the bottle.

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    call your local leader she can help!
    heres some info on getting baby back to the breast.
    baby just might take some extra time to learnto nurse because hes so little!


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    My baby ate that slowly until he was about 45- 46 weeks old (he was born at 32.) I don't think you're doing anything wrong from the sound of it.. just plan to spend a lot of time on the couch, with a book, or with a laptop computer! I wasn't able to get him off the nipple shield until then, either. He let me know when he was ready by sucking my nipple through the little holes.. OW!

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    I just wanted to say that I second what Mrs. Mandolini said ... nursing my 34-weeker took waaaaaaay longer than when DH gave him a bottle. He fell asleep often and required stripping down to just his diaper!

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