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Thread: Sore nipples - help

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    I think Pipsmom is absolutely right! I don't see why there has to be something wrong if it hurts for the first month anyway. I was in terrible pain at the beginning with cracked bleeding nipples and for a few weeks after they healed. The lactation consultants told me he had a good latch but it still hurt!! I supplemented with formula after 10 days because I couldn't take it anymore--gritting my teeth feet in the air!! It hurt to pump too! I supplemented for about 5 days and used lots of lasinoh gel and eventually healed. I exclusively breastfed after that and got my milk supply back up. I felt like a failure because I had to supplement but noone should--that's wrong! I had a good 6 months before my son started biting, pulling, twisting at the nipple but the pain has never been as bad as it was at the beginning. If you see white raised areas on your childs tongue or cheeks have it checked out because thats thrush and I hear its quite painful. Hang in there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynn
    Oh about the thrush.....did you or your baby have antibiotics during labor/delivery?
    If yes, then you may very well have it if you have not been taking probiotics.
    Probiotics??? Wow, this Mom-experience is sure full of things you've never heard of before! Are probiotics something I should ask my doctor about? I had 5 doses of penecillin while I was in labor.

    Justme, I admire your determination! Best of luck. I am so grateful that people always ask the questions I have had and that all you ladies give such reassuring answers. So glad not to be in this alone!

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