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Thread: Teething signs?Whats normal?

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    It's so hard to tell at that age what could be wrong. My dd (who is 14 months old now) would just have cranky times for no apparent reason it seemed. Sometimes I think they just get cranky! I thought she was teething too but didn't get her first tooth until she was nearly 9 months old! So that wasn't it!

    I know they have growth spurts around 4 months and that always made my dd cranky. Sometimes I think they just release tension. Doubling your birth weight in a year is hard work!

    Did he have a cold recently with a lot of congestion? If so, have his ears checked. Ear infection pain is always worse at night and when they lay down.

    I hope you get to the bottom of it or it soon passes! After a few days a cranky baby really gets to you... it's very draining. Keep us posted!

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    I have no advice to offer but you are not alone (HTH). My LO is 4 months and just started drooling like crazy off and on. She is also blowing spit bubbles all the time now. My DCP said it is the first signs of teething. She has had a fussy problem too but not when I'm around. The DCP calls me to come calm her down when she gets too frantic (daycare is in my building). As soon as I walk in she gets quiet. I hope I am not creating a monster.
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    at 4 months old, my dd also turned on the drool factory. dh and i were sure she would get her first tooth before she turned 6 months old. when she didn't cut her first tooth by 6 months, we were sure she'd get her first tooth by the time she turned 7 months because she was putting everything in her mouth! well, dd is now 8.5 months old, and work up last night crying frantically. i let her cry for a few minutes thinking she'd go back to sleep. when she didn't, i went to check on her and tried to console her. she stopped crying for a bit and actually started to fall asleep with me rubbing her back. once i was back in bed, she started screaming again. this time i could tell that it wasn't a "hungry", "wet/dirty diaper", "lonely", or "bored" cry. what i heard was a "help me, i'm in pain" cry. so i hurried back to her and took her out of her crib. when she didn't stop crying, that's when i knew something was really wrong...and when i tried to put my finger in her mouth and she tightened up her lips, i knew it was her tooth (teeth). i gave her infant tylenol for the pain and a couple of the hylands teething tablets, and then nursed her back to sleep. she was herself all day today (trying to bite on everything)...not more fussy than usual...no fever, etc. tonight, before i nursed her to sleep, she was getting a bit irritable, so i gave her infant tylenol and the teething tablets again. shes been sound asleep for an hour now.

    sorry i couldn't be more help. when i realized dd cut her first tooth last night, i took me by surprise!

    good luck!
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